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Who am I?

Originally from rural Michigan, the youngest of three girls--I spent a lot of time dreaming. I moved to New York to pursue my passion of acting, but soon realized that my love of theatre acting wasn't enough to keep me satisfied. That was how I found film and screenwriting. I'm what I would like to call an "actrevist", because if I wasn't an artist, I'd be in politics, where my leadership skills are perhaps better suited. I've been told I'm pretty zany and "quirky" (whatever that means), but I feel that I just have a unique outlook on life. I see art as an opportunity to shape culture in a meaningful way. And that's why I'm drawn to characters who break norms and stereotypes about what it means to be a woman. I try to write and audition for femme characters who know what it means to be at odds with the world, who have taken a beating but still have fight left in them. These are the types of narratives I hope to explore in my work both as an actor and writer/creator.

Height: 5"10

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Brunette

Location: Los Angeles, CA

LL-172 (1).jpg

Soupreme Productions | Disassembly (Pilot) | 2021

Lead (Pre-Production)


Schaeberle Studio Theater | The Tempest | 2019


Schimmel Center | Dark of the Moon | 2019

Mrs. Bergen

Manhattan Repertory Theater | Sunday in the Field with Christina | 2018

Christina   **New Works Festival

Training &
Pace University | BFA Acting | Class of 2020

Film, TV, and Voice-over | Matthew Bonifacio, David Bellantoni, Stacy Tea

Contemporary Stage | Grant Kretchik, Robin Miles, Margot Bordelon

Shakespeare + Chekhov | Julie Fain Lawrence

Industry | Jamibeth Margolis, Wendy Kurtzman, Caroline Liem

Speech + Dialects | Lester Shane

Workshops & Additional Training

Purple Rose Theatre Company | Actor Bootcamp | Guy Sanville, Michelle Mountain

Audiobook Narration | Robin Miles

Special Skills

Singing (Mezzo-Soprano, Two-Octave Range), Tap, Jazz, Dialects: RP, Irish, Deep South, Unarmed Stage Combat, Rapier/Dagger, Ukulele Player, Local Hire (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago), Valid Passport, Valid Driver's License.

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